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choose from over 100 pony bead colors!

Plastic pony beads are very popular for many types of crafts and jewelry making projects. They are economical, especially for large bead projects or group bead projects. Plastic pony beads are available in many colors. You can purchase the colors individually or purchase pony beads in a variety of bead mixes. Pony beads are popular for all different types of crafts, including kids bead projects. The 6x9mm size of the bead and large holes make pony beads easy to grab on to and string.

We offer pony beads in 3 package sizes to suit various needs:

Packages of 25 grams of plastic pony beads contain about 100 beads - click here to see all colors
Packages of 130 grams of pony beads contain about 500 beads - click here to see all colors
Packages of 260 grams of pony beads contain about 1000 beads - click here to see all colors


Take a look at the different colors of pony beads, the links below have pony bead colors separated into different categories.


Pony beads are used for many types of crafts and beading projects. They are a popular choice because of the available of a many colors and they are economical. The simple round, barrel shape of a pony bead is also easy to work with and incorporate into different types of projects and designs.

To create bracelets or necklaces with pony beads is very simple. All you need is string and pony beads. For making bracelets, stretch jewelry cord is ideal because you can simply string on the beads and knot the cord. The bracelet will stretch to fit over your hand. To create necklaces, you can also use stretch cord so that tht necklace will stretch over your head. If you don't use a cording that stretches, then simply make the necklace long enough to slip over the head. You can personalize bracelets and necklaces by adding alphabet beads or number beads and by choosing specific colors.

Pony beads are also used to create banners. The pony beads are woven together to create a picture. Pony beads can also be woven together to make different animal shapes and designs that can be attached to a key ring or hook to create a key chain or lanyard. Use cheap pony beads to make kandi bracelets, kandi necklaces, key chains and more. If you are using a lot of pony beads, then you can shop for wholesale pony beads.

See all the Opaque Colors (click here)

See all the Transparent Pony Bead Colors (click here)
See all the Glitter Pony Bead Colors (click here)
See all the Glow in the Dark Pony Bead Colors (click here)
See all the Pearlized Pony Bead Colors (click here)
Shop for plastic pony beads in many different colors.
Choose from a large variety of alphabet beads and number beads.
A fun variety of plastic beads including basic shapes and novelty shapes.
A fun variety of plastic beads including basic shapes and novelty shapes.

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